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The inspection is, in most general terms, the process of examination of machinery by evaluating its condition based on the industry & operating standards, safety regulations and customer requirements.

This involves measurements & engineering tests starting from visual checks up to operational diagnostic tests. The results are compared with specifications and standards enabling the customer to visualize the situation. The inspections are non-destructive. 

The Reporting is the second phase of the inspection which includes the summing up of the findings of the inspection. The report is basically the written transcript of the inspection together with the remarks and the suggestions of the inspector.

Portunus with its experienced engineering cadres is performing independent inspection & reporting services for all kinds of stevedoring and lifting machinery used in the ports since 10 years.

The service that we provide is documented in the industry standards and is completely confidential. Our inspections are conveniently carried out according to the strictly defined set of rules and safety regulations.

These rules are updated continuously according to the global standards.Our policy of independent inspection provides you a neutral and qualified view for the evaluation of any type of port machinery. Our unbiased reports will help you to take rational decisions & save costs. 

Inspection & Reporting