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It all started with an ideal, a dream of establishing a small business for port machinery.  Being engineers, this used to be the sole motivation of us. At the end   this dream materialized in 1992 with the foundation of our first company, OMF. The company was representing Italian port equipment manufacturer Officine Meccaniche Fantuzzi.

Starting from humble origins, we have managed to set a model institution in our field of  operation in just 30 years. Standing back to back we have dealt with difficulties and  challenges giving us an edge of competence which in turn motivated us to attain higher qualifications in time.

Portunus, as a highly specialized port spares & services supplier, now serves globally to its customers by fulfilling its task of providing a one stop shop for all    ports needs for equipment, spare parts and services. You will find more details about  it in the  other sections of this web page however we only want to underline its unique quality that makes it different from the crowd, it’s an actual learning organization capable of adapting its elements while keeping its core solid.

The once small company, that we now call Portunus as reference to Roman Goddess of ports, continues to grow without slowing down.It became a widely    acclaimed service & spares provider in Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean regions. In 2012 becoming the partner in a joint venture with ZPMC marked another milestone of the company.

Today, Portunus is working with the major terminal operators such as APMT, DPWorld, Hutchison, PSA, ICTSI and TIL while at the same time accomplishing projects for major manufacturers such as Liebherr & Mitsubishi. It is active in 4 continents with wide market coverage. Its service team accomplishes high-end engineering jobs while the spare parts division reaches the far corners of our world.

These achievements solidified our self-esteem by confirming our business model, and that encouraged us further to look to the future with confidence and assurance. We sincerely believe that there are still impressive breakthroughs waiting for us somewhere in the future. This is our ultimate heritage for the second generation of Portunus management.

Those who have made this dream a reality with their hands are, first and foremost, our hard-working employees and our most valuable customers, who have been at our side throughout the journey, we thank you all.

Sema & Sami Ozdemir
Co-Founders & Chairpersons