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PORTUNUS’ Business Ethics are applied to every single employee without any exception. The instructions in this guide set the limits for all the team in the PORTUNUS how to carry out their work. This set of rules which are consistent with our core values ​​and business policy provides information on how to evade situations that can harm the PORTUNUS and its employees.

Portunus Values

We know that every customer is of great value for us. We determine the needs of our customers and care for their satisfaction. We know that unless we take care of our customer, someone else will. We know our business in detail. We are faithful to our word at each step we take. We conduct our business in a disciplined culture. We pursue our objectives in a modest yet professional and adamant way. We add value to our business beyond earning money. We do not hesitate to make mistakes as long as they do not harm the reputation of our company and only to find the correct way. We question as to how we can make our future better than our present. We believe that the growth must be in a stable manner. We prefer the connective power of “and” over the eliminating power of “or”. We aim to establish fiduciary and long term relationships with our employees and customers. We recruit and train the right people who will adopt and attend to our corporate culture, add value to our company and try and ensure they work with us happily for a long time. We use the right technology to make our employees work easier and to increase the satisfaction of our customers. We allocate part of our earnings for social issues of the country in which we operate.

Goal to be reached

"To be the one of three reputable companies when a global player in our industry looks for a service provider"
Safety, Health, Security, Environmental and Social Performance
We aim to develop products, services with the usage of energy resources, compatible to our commitment to the purpose of protecting people and the environment from harm. Being a good neighbor and to contribute to sustainable development customers, shareholders and seeks to gain the trust of the community is our target. PORTUNUS asks the same attention to issues of health, safety, the environment and social performance from its joint ventures as well as from its contractors & partners
Sustainable Development

The sustainable development means for PORTUNUS the taking into consideration the means to help to meet the world's ever-increasing energy needs of economic, environmental and social responsibilities. PORTUNUS’s commitment to sustainable development requires taking into account the environmental and social dimensions by balancing short-and long-term interests and considering economic, health, safety, and security related aspects when making decisions related to our business. Portunus is committed to the UN Global Compact’s Principles.
Equality of Opportunity

PORTUNUS employment-related decisions are based upon required qualifications, merit, performance and other job-related factors. PORTUNUS, employment will not tolerate unlawful discrimination.
Portunus empowers women in the workplace, marketplace and community and is one of the signers of WEP (Women’s Empowerment Principles) of United Nations.
Anti - corruption

PORTUNUS does not tolerate activities such as bribery, insider trading, market abuse, fraud or money laundering. Convenience payments are also treated as bribe payments, and such payments should not be made. Also any actual or potential conflicts of interest (in the form of a conflict of interest or perceived relationships) should be avoided, inappropriate gifts or inappropriate hospitality should never be offered, or should not be accepted. Note that even the corruption allegations could harm our reputation and our business.
Internal & external Trade

PORTUNUS strictly adheres to the principle of being a free, fair and an ethical company. All Portunus community must comply with all applicable laws in force related to trade and must ensure that PORTUNUS’s basic values are applied to all of the business relationships.
Protecting Information & assets

Corporate assets, especially intellectual, physical and financial assets bear value.  They must be properly protected, maintained, and managed. Personal Data and Intellectual Property (IP) must be taken under protection. Information Technology (IT) and communication facilities must be used sensitively. Records must be kept accurately and appropriately. Given the assets of PORTUNUS,   irregularities, theft, misuse and abuse cannot be accepted.

All communications that established have a return to Portunus. All Portunus Community have to make sure that the communication is necessary & appropriate and be sure to follow all instructions and rules.